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The association for administrators, district superintendents, principals, assistant principals, supervisors and those who support the public schools of Florida.


The mission of the Florida Association of School Administrators is to support administrators in providing high quality education to the students of Florida through advocacy, leadership, and professional development.



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“Years ago, I illustrated a lesson in communication by running a film clip from “Dances With Wolves,” where the Indians were all sitting in a teepee discussing what to do about the white man they’d spotted in their neighborhood. Each person who spoke began by first complimenting the person who spoke before him! It struck the class as so bizarre that I suggested we try it. We did and—such a miracle—it caught on! For the rest of the year, every time someone forgot his manners, someone else would say something kind about him before speaking. Coleen Armstrong, “The Mentor” Teacher Magazine, August 1, 2007 It’s about results, not circumstances. No excuses. Tell teachers, if we are going to be in the newspapers, then you are going to be on your feet teaching. Make sure everyone is on point, including the students. ”

—Lorraine Monroe, Famous Principal and Principal Educator

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District school test scores released, but leaders question their value
Florida’s school districts got their first taste Wednesday morning of how students performed on last school year’s new standardized tests. Yet with no set pass or fail grades, and scores evenly distributed across the spectrum, education officials question whether the results will do anything to help improve teachers and schools.

Volusia, Flagler schools embrace 'Dad's Day'
..."She's been excited about this for two days," said Christian Schultz, who works the second shift as a line cook in a restaurant and doesn't get to see his 8-year-old stepdaughter often during the week. That's why he was just as excited as she was about "Dads Take Your Child to School Day," a new statewide initiative Wednesday that involved each elementary school in Volusia and Flagler counties.

Florida lawmakers to revisit rules for high school sports governance
Despite repeated failed attempts, Florida lawmakers are again prepared to try to limit the powers of the Florida High School Athletic Association, making it easier for students and schools to participate in interscholastic sports. A bill (HB 31) already has landed in the House, proposing to let schools join FHSAA on a per-sport basis and limiting sanctions against those that compete outside the association.

Top Florida lawmakers working on changes that would reduce students' testing load
The chairmen of the state Senate's two education-related committees are drafting bills that would allow the system to substitute Florida Standards Assessments scores with results from other exams that also measure knowledge of state standards, and that students already may be taking in addition to the FSA.











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