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  • Understanding Title I, more than a letter grade

    Conversations about Title I schools - at least the ones in St. Johns County - vary from one extreme to another. It's easy for schools catering to needier student populations, all with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, to be overshadowed by the district's eight-year streak of A-rating and "No. 1" success.

  • Students get lesson in rules when Seminole school district cancels debate

    Disappointed with the "mud-slinging" in this year's presidential race, a Lake Brantley High School teacher was searching for a way to showcase a real-life debate for his students. So Dan Smith invited four-term incumbent Dede Schaffner and newcomer Abby Sanchez, an elementary school teacher, to debate in front of his students on Monday at the Altamonte Springs campus.

  • Superintendent selection narrows, three names stand out

    The list of superintendent candidates thinned once again during the St. Johns County School Board workshop Tuesday with seven out of nine applicants advancing into the semifinalist stage.

  • Underpaid South Florida Teachers Sacrifice Millions From Their Own Pockets for Students

    ...Sanabria was excited to implement new strategies to help lagging students when classes began this week in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. There was just one problem: All the new ideas recommended by her school relied on books, letter sets, and word games she didn't own. And there was no money to buy them.