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  • What's $419 million and 278 pages? An education bill that state lawmakers vote on today

    A swift outcry of condemnation came over the weekend from many parents, teachers and school administrators who want the Florida Legislature to reject a $419 million, 278-page K-12 public schools bill - which was decided behind closed doors, which lawmakers cannot change and which they'll have had only about 72 hours to review when they vote Monday.

  • $419M schools bill headed to Gov. Scott, after barely surviving Senate vote

    Lawmakers struggled to pass a controversial $419 million, 278-page K-12 public schools bill on Monday, the final day of the annual session - as senators acknowledged parts of the rushed legislation were flawed and would need to be fixed when the Legislature reconvenes in 2018.

  • Nine ways Florida schools would change if the Legislature gets its way

    For the second straight year, Florida lawmakers spent the closing hours of their session debating hot-button education issues. And again, despite some hand wringing, they adopted a few measures that had much more support among the political classes than from educators, parents and students.

  • All eyes on Gov. Rick Scott as he considers budget veto options

    Gov. Rick Scott keeps a veto pen on his desk, but considering his total frustration with the 2017 Legislature, it looks more like a machete.