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Sarasota County Schools selects new superintendent
With a 5-0 vote today, the Sarasota County School Board selected Brennan Asplen to be the district’s new superintendent.

Asplen is deputy superintendent in charge of academic and student services in the St. Johns County School District. He was president of the Florida Association of School Administrators and served as a principal at both the middle and high school levels.

Asplen was a finalist for Sarasota County superintendent in 2016, and board chair Caroline Zucker said it took a lot of courage for him to reapply. 

“I see him as a really successful leader,” Zucker said. “He's a leader for the school system and a leader for the community.” 

Congratulations, Brennan! We are so happy for you!

High School principal in Florida builds COVID-killing machine
To stop the spread of coronavirus, Vernon High’s principal is using a video cart, an air compressor, and a spray paint gun.

Combined with sanitizing solution, this COVID-killing machine will serve as an aid to keep Vernon High students safe when returning for the fall semester.

Brian Riviere, Vernon High School Principal, said he can’t take credit for the design but he did put the time in to build one for his school.

“A concept was shared with me from one of our EMS directors, Mr. Joey Tharp,” Riviere said. “When I learned what they were doing with it to clean and sanitize the jails and each ambulance that carried anybody that might have been symptomatic I knew that would be something that we needed in the school.”


Secretary of Education pushes for school reopenings; South Florida school officials prioritize safety
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is making a public push to reopen schools amid the coronavirus pandemic, as school superintendents in South Florida say the safety of their students, teachers and staff remains their top priority.

Speaking on CNN Sunday, DeVos said it’s important that students don’t fall behind.

“The rule should be that kids go back to school this fall. They’ve been missing months of learning. Many of them are going to be so far behind. It will be difficult to catch up,” she said. “There is nothing in the data that would suggest that kids being back in school is dangerous to them.”



Florida won’t change in-person, 5-day-a-week school order, education commissioner says


Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran said Wednesday that in-person instruction is best for kids, and he would not alter his order requiring public schools to give parents that choice when the new school year starts.

“They absolutely should have that option, and it will not come out of the emergency order,” Corcoran said, speaking at the State Board of Education meeting in Hillsborough County.

Corcoran said schools have “complete flexibility” to offer families online options, too, but must open “brick and mortar schools” for those who want or need their children back on campus.

“It’s the most efficacious way to get that child a world class education,” he said.