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State: Florida has new plan to rid schools of common core but its a secret

Nearly one year ago, Gov. Ron DeSantis started the effort to fix what he said was a crisis looming over how students were taught.
Parents, he said, were telling him that “they had trouble even doing basic math to help their kids,” and worse, nobody was listening to them.
In response, DeSantis announced his executive order to eliminate all “vestiges of the Common Core,” the much-derided effort to standardize what K-12 students in the U.S. should know in English and math at the end of each grade level. In his order, DeSantis vowed to review the standards and lay out requirements for instruction.
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State: The ten biggest issues to watch in the 2020 Florida legislative session
The 2020 legislative session will start Jan. 14 as House and Senate members gather to hear Gov. Ron DeSantis’ State of the State address. Lawmakers will take up a wide range of issues during the 60-day session, along with negotiating a budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1.
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State: Schools spend millions on employees who work extra jobs
Broward County schools paid around $26m for employees to work extra jobs last school year, enabling some administrators to boost their salaries by $20,000. School administrators don’t officially qualify for overtime, but 125 assistant principals - 28% of those in the district - received at least $1,000 extra in 2018-19 to work second assignments, usually as administrators at their same schools.
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Nation: Teachers suffer too: School violence is a daily reality
Teachers are injured daily, sharing stories of being punched in the stomach while pregnant, stabbed in the neck with a pencil, and threatened with death. 
Students with severe behavioral problems are too frequently, not receiving the support services they need, and teachers are not well-equipped to manage these issues. As a result, teachers and students alike do not feel safe in school. 
Teachers are often traumatized by violent incidents, which can be initiated even my 7-year old students, leading to mental and physical distress, economic costs, and calls for policy changes.
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