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National: High school principal promises to get tattoo if seniors don't vape, have good attendance
On the first day of school at Sullivan East High School this year, Principal Andy Hare got creative with seniors. I told them if we can graduate at 96 percent, have 96 percent attendance, then I'll get a tattoo on my back of the Patriot,” Hare said. “If we don't have to deal with zero tolerance and we don't have to deal with vaping, I can get a Patriot Pride tattoo on my back as well."
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State: A+ Teacher: Orlando Teacher Literally Stumbled Into Teaching
An Orange County A+ teacher literally stumbled into teaching and, nearly nine years later, she's never looked back until now. One-on-one attention is a top priority in Amy Swederski's U.S. government class at Freedom High School in Orlando. She encourages hands-on learning as her students utilize interactive notebooks. "I use anything in my class where they can do sequencing, routines, and cutting and life skills within content," she said. It's Swederski's first teaching job. She said she literally stumbled into teaching. 
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State: To Enhance School Security, Florida Launches Controversial Student Database
The Florida Department of Education rolled out its database of student information, called the Florida Schools Safety Portal, late Thursday, designed to enhance school security in the wake of last year’s shooting in Parkland. The data is primarily designated for use by schools’ “threat assessment teams.” Those are groups of law enforcement, counselors and other school staff charged with evaluating the seriousness of threats made by students and whether a student may need professional help.
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State: Which teachers qualify for a Florida Best and Brightest recruitment bonus?
The Florida Board of Education held an emergency meeting Monday to set definitions allowing school districts to begin distributing $4,000 recruiting bonuses to newly hired teachers. The rule focused on what it means to be a “content expert” in the desired fields of math, science, civics, computer science and reading. But it raised several questions about what it means to be a recruit.
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State: Alarming number of Broward teachers say they have been threatened or assaulted by students
Some South Florida teachers are sounding the alarm, saying they feel “unsafe at school.” They say there’s been a shocking number of attacks against them by students. 7’s Brian Entin investigates. A teacher punched in the face by a student. Another pushed to the ground in her classroom.
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