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PBC superintendent looks to cut costs
Schools Superintendent Donald Fennoy’s proposal calls for “flattening” the district’s leadership hierarchy by eliminating the powerful deputy superintendent position and moving the current office holder into a reduced role.

District leaders framed it as the first of many expected cutbacks as the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic threaten government finances everywhere.

No jobs would be eliminated in the initial proposal announced Friday by Fennoy, but district leaders said the changes would better position the district to maintain services and reduce senior staff as several longtime administrators prepare to retire.

“My goal is to maintain excellence in education no matter how great the loss of revenue is to our District,” Fennoy said in a news release. “This is a business, and very difficult business decisions have to be made to streamline our practices, conserve where we can, and strategically realign from the top.”


MCSD Names 2019-2020 District Management Employees of the Year
Kristen Condella and Joy Nulisch are the 2019-2020 District Management Employees of the Year, according to Superintendent Mark Porter. Condella and Nulisch share the award which goes to the district’s top management employee.

Condella and Nulisch work closely together on a regular basis, and even more so with the district’s transition to an online learning platform.  They recently served as co-presenters at the Florida Association of School Administrators virtual conference, where the explained how Monroe County transformed the COVID-19 school closure disruption into an opportunity to reach students with a personalized approach that maintains a sense of security in education in a time of great uncertainty. 


South Florida's Superintendents On Future Of Schooling
School districts across South Florida are devising plans now for students this fall. Broward County Public Schools has drafted a plan in which students may only be able to attend school two days a week. Palm Beach County Superintendent Donald Fennoy discussed the possibility that in school attendance will be voluntary depending on the discretion of parents. 

As districts continue to wrestle with the challenges of social distancing, sanitizing school property and keeping children safe, the only certainty this fall is that it will be a much different school experience than we are used to.      


Educators get new roles in Clay County School District for next year
Superintendent David Broskie announced several administrative promotions within Clay County District Schools for the 2020-2021 school year. The school board approved the recommendations after each candidate completed comprehensive interviews last month.

“I continue to be amazed by the talent and leadership within our district and beyond. These administrators have proven track records of student success and growth as well as the willingness to take on new challenges. I look forward to the bright future ahead for Clay County District Schools with these leaders at the helm,” Broskie said.