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 State: Teachers unhappy with new testing rules
The response to the Florida Department of Education's new testing rules has been swift and negative, with teachers across the board speaking out against proposed changes. “Our concern with the new regulations is that ... they strike at the heart of good teaching,” said Katie Hansen, president of the Flagler County Educators Association, who helped organize a Change.org petition against the plans which received more than 15,000 signatures in less than a week.
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State: Turnaround schools, standardized testing bill passes House
House lawmakers passed legislation that gives low-performing schools less time to turn themselves around.
The bill advanced out of the lower chamber by a 105-11. It heads now to the Senate.
The bill (HB 7079), sponsored by Rep. Vance Aloupis, helps the state achieve the goal of testing students less and fulfills Gov. Ron DeSantis’ priority of adding more civics education to the curriculum. It also accelerates the process that school districts have to correct low-performing schools. It’s somewhat controversial, with some school administrators complaining it unfairly penalizes schools with large low-income populations. 
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National: When Should Schools Close For Coronavirus?
The spread of coronavirus has compelled hundreds of K-12 schools in the U.S. to close, affecting more than 850,000 students, according to an analysis by Education Week. And those numbers are certain to increase in the coming days, as concerned parents call for more school closures.

The growing health crisis presents school leaders with a painful choice. Closing schools — as has been done, so far, in China, Japan, Italy and elsewhere — is a proven measure that has been shown to slow the spread of disease and, in turn, save lives. But it also causes huge economic and social disruption, especially for children, millions of whom depend on the free and reduced-cost meals they get at school.
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Coronavirus makes South Florida schools, colleges go online, cancel trips abroad
After a fourth person in Broward County has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, triggering a Level 2 emergency, South Florida schools, colleges and universities are starting to activate emergency preparations.

At a press conference Tuesday, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said he was aware of two or three students in the same family who attend three district schools, whose family member recently traveled to a “hot spot” country. He did not say whether those students were staying at home.
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